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The journey of ” Adma Shamran Traiding Company” began in 1980 as distribution company. In a short span of time it has blossomed into a successful  powerhouse for business

AdmaShamran Trading Co. (Limited Liability Company)

Started its business activities in the capital city of Riyadh four decades ago. Its business dealings were mainly in spices, pulses and rice. It is the sole agent for Mehran brand of spices in the Central and Eastern Region. Soon it established its branches in Dammam and Hail

while extending distributing facilities in so many other areas of the kingdom through its sister organization. Now, Mehran claims a major market share in the Kingdom. There is hardly a super or hyper market in the kingdom without this reputed brand, now it becomes a household The main office in Riyadh is sufficiently equipped with 36 delivery vehicles apart from 12 motorcars. The storage facility is huge with a total of more than 4,000 square meters.Mehran leads while the rest follows!
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AdmaShamran Catering Co. (Limited Liability Company)

Was established more than a decade ago with the intension of extending its comprehensive supplies to cater for the five star hotels and reputed fast food chains. While concentrating on canned food items from Spain, Italy, China, Thailand,Turkey, USA and UAE,

Adma Shamran Catering is also dealing in various kinds of dry fruit nuts and seafood. It has already established business relations with almost every hotel in the kingdom’It covers all hotel needs including custom made Room Service Menu cover (leather), Guest room remote control cover, Guest information folder, Guest stationery folder etc. Now it is in a position to provide quality briefcases, folders and laptop bags.Company’s recent activities include supply of hotel equipments and linen.We have not let down anyone who had confidence in us. Try us. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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AdmaShamran Hospitality Supplies

Just did not limit its services to supply of food items only but outset another division by extending the services in more broader concept by developing the hospitality division which is the most important factor to benchmark our business strategies and we started the sector by providing hotel

equipment,bed linen, towels, menu covers, banquet tables and chairs by having its branches extended to Makkah, Madina, Dammam and Hail in addition to its main office in Riyadh. Hospitality division can efficiently meet every need of a hotel to the utmost satisfaction, It distributes Golden Star heating fuel, one of the most popular brands in the market. We enjoy serving you and your satisfaction is our pleasure.
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The prime reason for the success being its unbeatable five star quality products, price and prompt service. Our sales staff is well trained and disciplined and highly competitive to meet any challenges coming from five star facilities. We have not let down anyone who had confidence in us. Please try us. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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