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Chafing Fuel

BurningAdjustmentSafeFlameNo FumeAvailability
Assured 6 hours3 Heat setting wickFrom Fire Hazard,Absolutely!Beautiful blue colorSafe for indoor useBoth Liquid & Gel form

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Dry Fruit, Sea Food, Canned Items, All Mehran Product Range +

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We are pleased to advice all our valued customers that we have been given the privilege of distributing the well known Anchor products which need no introduction to consumers, it is well known fact practically all five star hotels are serving these products to their VIP guests.

Canned food items supplied by reputed exporters from Europe and Far East.

Dry fruit items from countries reputed for each variety including USA.

Lot of variety have already been added in our Frozen items.

Freshness … Straight from the Farm, for the Authentic Taste of Nature.
Thinking of a fresh natural start for the day, or even craving a sweet afternoon treat, Hero is simply your choice of perfection. Hero Jam is 100% natural; free from preservatives and artificial colorings.

Kitchen fuel from the factory which gives priority for safety in the Gulf.

We collected lot of different brands that belongs to international market like, Lipton, Tang, Osra Sugar, Basmati Rice

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